Nu beschikbaar: '14/18 – Rupture or Continuity. Belgian Art around World War I'

The impact of the Great War and its aftermath on Belgian artistic life

14/18 – Rupture or Continuity
Belgian Art around World War I
Edited by Inga Rossi-Schrimpf,
in collaboration with Laura Kollwelter

World War I had a major effect on Belgian visual arts. German occupation, the horror at the battlefield and the experience of exile led to multiple narratives and artistic expressions by Belgian artists during and after the war. Belgian interbellum art is extremely vibrant and diverse. 14/18 – Rupture or Continuity takes a look at Belgian artistic life in the years around the First World War and how it was affected by this event. 

Publication of the project 'Before and after? Continuity or rupture? Belgian art around World War I', Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

€ 45,00, ISBN 9789462701366, paperback, 384 p.

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